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How to copy table data from two Azure database.

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In Windows Azure, you can’t copy data from one database to another since they don’t support the USE statement. When there is a will, there is a way, and we’ve got a way you can copy data between Azure databases. It works great with Access but it has some limitation, We Use generate and publish the script method to copy table data from one table to another within the server.

Generate and Publish Script

Follow this technique:

  • Launch SQL Server Management Studio and login to your database
  • Right click on your database name and click on Generate Scripts
  • Select Choose Objects on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on Select Specific database objects on the right part of the window
  • Checkmark the tables you wish to copy
  • Click on Set Scripting Options on the left
  • Select Save scripts to a specific location and Save to new query window

Here are the snapshots for the above step:-


If Your data is too long in size, please use this method to run the script

>sqlcmd -S <server address/name> -d <mydbname> -i <your local path> -U admin -P Abc@123

Sharing is caring !!

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