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Success story of Chandrakant Sampat | Stock market investor

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Introduction & History

Chandrakant Sampat was known to many as the Warren Buffett of India and was regarded as a veteran stock market investor. The 82-year-old investor lead an active yet simple life that included daily jogging and yoga exercises. Surrounded by books and periodicals at his Worli apartment bedroom, Sampat hardly looked like one of the most successful investors in the country.

Sampat died at the beginning of 2015 aged 86.

This video covers the success story of India’s first successful stock market investor, Mr Chandrakant Sampat and his investment strategy


Quotes of Chandrakant Sampat:

“To be a good investor all one has to do is dream”

“All you need is a cheque book and a pen”

“Knowledge is that which liberates and not captivates”.

“Markets and mistakes are the best education. The conventional education just closes the mind”

“If we achieve profit at the cost of downgrading or not innovating, they are not profit”

“Coke and Gillette have been around for many years, and they are likely to be around for many more. I cannot say that with any degree of certainty for technology, where the rate of obsolescence is very fast, where things change at warp speed”

“De-bureaucratize the whole process of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) with only one condition, the Multinationals who seek entry into this country must get themselves listed on the Indian bourses”

“Experience is not an asset. The future is going to be entirely different and the past can provide little clue about the future,”

“I have seen nothing like this before. Capitalism seems to have gone old. It is finding survival difficult. Keep away from the markets,”

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