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Facebook Data Scandal & Cambridge Analytica SCAM Explain Fully

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About Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica is a data mining and predictive analytics company based out of UK. Founded in 2013, the company received funding from Republican and billionaire Robert Mercer who pumped in $15 million as an investor.

The company uses psychographic profiling from a wide array of sources such as consumer spending data, social media profiles, public records and uses the information to predict voting behaviour through behavioural and predictive analytics. It then uses data-driven advertising technology to send them customized messages to influence voting behavior.

People involved in Cambridge Analytica Controversy

Alexander Nix was working in the capacity of the CEO of Cambridge Analytica until recently when he was suspended by the Board after it was revealed that he was caught in a sting related to the Facebook data breach controversy.

Alexander Nix

Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower, is the Canadian ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica who was holding the position of Research Director at the company. He was the one who has spilled the beans around this controversy. In 2013, Wylie was introduced to a company called Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) Group whose subsidiary SCL Elections went on to create Cambridge Analytica.

Christopher Wylie

Steve Bannon is the former Vice President of Cambridge Analytica, Bannon headed the last phase of Trump’s Presidential election and was also the Chief Strategist of the White House.

Image result for Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon

Mark Turnbull is the Managing Director of CA Political Global, the political division at Cambridge Analytica.

Aleksandr Kogan, a data miner set up Global Science Research (GSR) to carry out Cambridge Analytica’s data research business.  In June 2014, SCL enters into an agreement with GSR for harvesting and processing Facebook data.

Image result for Aleksandr Kogan
Aleksandr Kogan

Full Interview of Christopher Wylie- The whistleblower

Facebook Responded to the Data Scandal

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